Four Gods


11/23 Patch Note2023-11-23


Oriental Fantasy MMORPG

Greeting, Guardians This is Four Gods.

These are the details of the update scheduled for 11/23.

Please refer the information below for more details.

◈ [Four Gods] 11/23 Patch Note

1. Events

 1) Equipment Enhancement costs 30% discount event (11/23(Thu) ~ 12/13(Wed))

 2) Lv Up! DAY! (11/23(Thu) ~ 12/13(Wed))

 - Reduced cost when leveling up with Gear (For EXP) SSS & SR.

 3) Daily Payment Amount Event (11/23(Thu) ~ 12/6(Wed))

 4) Total Payment Amount Event (11/23(Thu) ~ 12/6(Wed))

2. Ended Package

 1) Server Merge Celebration Package Ends

The next maintenance is scheduled for 12/14(Thu).

We will do our best for better Four Gods.

Thank you.