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Four Gods LUX Token Policy (Updated 2022.05.03)

LUX is the FourGods’ Utility Token. Encryption Conflict in WEMIX Platform: LUX TOKEN is a coin with a concept to allow in-game assets to be freely exchanged, stored, sold, and purchased externally. The intrinsic value of the Token is guaranteed through the value of resources derived from the game.

1. How to using and issue the LUX

1) The Max Supply Amount: 1,000,000,000 LUX
2) Usage of LUX
LUX Usage
Category LUX Distribution Description
Game Ops 604,500,000 60.45% Amount of LUX that can obtain in the game.
Marketing 93,000,000 9.3% Airdrop, events, promotions, etc.
DeFi 93,000,000 9.3% DeFi Interest, etc.
Dev Ops 46,500,000 4.65% Game development and operation
Platform Ops 70,000,000 7% WEMIX platform operation
Reserve 93,000,000 9.3% Use for emergencies and hazards
Total 1,000,000,000 100%  

2. Acquisition of LUX(Exchange)

1) LUX can exchange to RedGem and LUX from the in-game UI at the Market. The fee(RedGem) is required for each exchange.
2) RedGem: The LUX exchange rate is 1:100,000.
3) RedGem and LUX exchange counts are may depends on the character's Level.
Character Level Exchange Count Limit
1 ~ 50 1
51 ~ 60 3
61 ~ 70 5
71 ~ 80 7
81 ~ 90 10
91 ~ 100 15
101 ~ 110 20
111 ~ 30

1) Exchange count will reset every 24:00 UTC+0
2) You can purchase LUX along with WEMIX Token from DEX in PLAY Wallet.
3) "LUX exchange ticket" is required when exchanging LUX tokens with RedGem.

3. RedGem (In-game Currency)

1) Number of RedGem available in-game a month (All servers) is 503,750,000,000 RedGems.
2) Contents to acquire
Contents Rate Max gain RedGems
Collecting Dungeon (Mine) 10%
Hunting Field in Castle (Hunt) 20%
Occupiable castle hunting Area (Hunt) 20%
Departed Tower (Hunt) 40%
Boss Area (Hunt) 2.5%
Assault Dungeon (Hunt) 2.5%
Arena Ranking 2.5%
Super Clash Ranking 2.5%
SUM 100%

3) Explanation
1) Collecting dungeon
A. Restrictions: Level 25 or more
B. Time Limit: Unlimited
C. Acquisition Method: Mining
2) Hunting Field in Castle
A. Restrictions: Level 50 or more
B. Time Limit: 1 hour
C. Acquisition Method: Monster hunting
3) Occupiable castle hunting Area
A. Restrictions: Level 50 or more
B. Time Limit: Unlimited
C. Acquisition Method: Monster hunting
4) Departed Tower
A. Restrictions: Entrance Ticket, NFT Ticket
B. Time Limit: 1 Hour (Unlimited, If owned NFT)
C. Acquisition Method: monster hunting
5) Boss Area
A. Restrictions: None
B. Acquisition Method: Hunting the Boss
6) Assault Dungeon (Advent of Demon King, Sealed Demon King War)
A. Restrictions: (Advent of Demon King) 3 times a day, (Sealed Demon King War) entrance ticket
B. Acquisition Method: Dungeon Clear
7) Arena Battle Ranking , Super Clash Ranking
A. Rewards will be paid once a month after the content is used.

4. Using RedGem

1) SHOP: A separate store that only uses RedGem.
2) Production: Used as basic goods necessary for production
3) Trade: Basic goods required for item transactions (excluding NFT) (10% commission)
4) Add item option and socket
5) Content usage cost

5. About the LUX

1) Utility Token
LUX is a utility token which can be exchanged for RedGem, an essential resource in For Gods.

2) Mobility
LUX is a blockchain based token which can be exchanged, transferred, and stored both in-game and externally of FourGods

3) Clear Intrinsic Value
RedGem is an essential in-game resource and provides opportunities to enjoy the contents of the game even further. LUX is the only exchangeable token to connect RedGem externally; thereby having a clear purpose and intrinsic value.

4) Sustainable Value
You can balance the supply and demand of LUX by adjusting RedGem generation restrictions, actively curbing play behavior, and providing LUX users who want to proceed faster or obtain more RedGem

5) Investment Value
The investment value of LUX will continue to grow with its daily creation limit, maintaining the balance of created LUX within the entire ecosystem. NFT, DeFi(GameFi . staking , lend), and more features will also further expand on the value of LUX. In addition, with our global publishing knowhow, we will bring in large amount of users to the ecosystem for endless growth.

6. DeFi

Four Gods plans to provide better service to users through the DeFi system after the service opens. The service below will be updated, and the update schedule will be announced later.

1) Staking
Staking allows you to increase the number of LUX tokens.

2) Lend
With the Lux token secured, you can take out additional Stable Tokens and exchange them for In-game Money.

3) Liquidation
Liquidation is made when Lux's token value down and debt-to-pay ratio reach a certain amount.

4) Commission
When depositing, withdrawing, lending, or liquidating, a certain amount of fees are charged and accumulated in the BuyBack Fund and the Treasure Fund.

5) Fund
We form funds through fees and provide BuyBack to increase the value of Lux Token.

6) Treasure Fund
Funds are formed through fees and paid through additional product composition and events.

7. Miscellaneous

- LUX Policy can be updated for the purposes of improving game ecosystem and community promotions.