Four Gods


[System] Hostile Guild2022-06-10


This is a guide to the Hostile Guild that allows you to battle with the guardians of other factions without the PK penalty and compete against various factions.

◈ How to use the Hostile Guild

Guild Master can only set the Hostile Guild setting, and you can register it from another Guild's information.

- You can check the detailed information about the desired Guild through Main Menu > My Guild > Guild Search.

① Go to the detailed information of the Guild that you want to apply for Hostile Guild and tap [Register as Hostile Guild].

② The two kinds of currencies are required to apply for a Hostile Guild.

- For 24 hours: Guild Fund x3,500,000

- For 48 hours: Guild Seal x1,000

※ There is no PK penalty if you PK with Hostile Guild members.

※ You can register the Hostile Guild up to 3 Guilds.

※ You can not register again until the Hostile Guild time is expired.

▶ You can acquire the Red Gems and various items by battle with Hostile Guild without PK penalty.

◈ How to check the Hostile Guild

If the Hostile Guild is activated you can check the icon in the search bar.

* The screenshots above were taken from the test version and may differ from the official version.

* The guide's contents may be changed according to updates in the future.

* Recent revision date: 2022-06-10