Four Gods


[TOKEN] Lux Shop2022-09-02


We are introducing the Lux Shop that changes prices depending on WeMix & Lux closing prices and dollar prices.

◈ How to Lux Shop

- You can enter the Lux Shop by click the [Main Menu] > [Shop] > [Lux Shop] menu.

① You can check your owned Lux Token in the Wemix Wallet

② You can check the purchasable items on the list.

※ WeMix Wallet certification is required to use the Lux Shop.

◈ Rule the Lux Shop 

1) Lux Shop item prices are changes depending on WeMix & Lux closing prices and dollar prices after the market update.

2) The Lux Shop is not available due to the coin market update from 00:00 to 00:10 (UTC+0) every day.

3) Reset and changes every 00:10 (UTC+0)

* The screenshots above were taken from the test version and may differ from the official version.

* The guide's contents may be changed according to updates in the future.

* Recent revision date: 2022-09-02